Solar Peace Sculpture by Fred George

Presentation of initial ideas for the interactive installation in the base of the SPS

In a presentation of the first ideas of the student seminar for interactive installation in the base of the Solar Peace Sculpture was presented. Read more ...

Fred George with Prof. Dr Antonio Krüger (DFKI GmbH)

DFKI @ University of Saarland supports the SPS

"We plan in line with a course for students to create interactive presentations for the base of the Solar Peace Sculpture. One idea could be that the active presence of the viewer around the sculpture or the active extracted energy of the solar panels will be integrated into the presentation. In line with the sculpture a digital supply is then related to subjects like energy consumption and scarcity of resources. The students get the unique opportunity to participate on an art project."
Prof. Dr. Antonio Krüger (DFKI GmbH, Dezember 2010)

Solar Peace Sculpture by Fred George

See the Solar Peace Sculpture!

Solar Peace Sculpture by Fred George

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HTW facing new project challenges

Prof. Dr. Schmidt-Gönner with Fred George

With the planned multi-media-installation in the base of the Solar Peace Sculpture different construction details of the sculpture will have to be changed and adapted, like Prof. Dr. Günter Schmidt-Gönner says. The engineers of the HTW prepare these technical components, which should be moved in the next project phase.

Bulding the Solar Peace Sculpture

Solar Peace Sculpture by Fred George2007 to present, Fred George conceived the “Solar Peace Sculpture”, a 15 meter Peace Sign constructed from 80 oil barrels with 80 solar energy panels attached to each barrel. These panels generate electricity daily, which reverts back to the electric energy grid. The proceeds from that energy are then donated towards charities.

Solar Peace Sculpture by Fred GeorgeThe base of the sculpture contains a multi-media-portal recognizing the contributors and sponsors to the project. It will also have media portals which link environmental awareness globally and organizations which are dedicated to improving our planet. The SPS is designed to be disassembled and transported to tour countries around the world.

Fred Georges international engineering team consits of experts from the HTW Saarbrücken (Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft), headed by Prof. Dr. Ing. Günter Schmidt-Gönner, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Eugen Schneider and Dipl. Ing. (FH) Bernd Eichenseer and NYC architects Perkins Eastman.

Mr. George’s team of artist assistants, studio managers and marketing team are promoting the sculpture worldwide.

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