Where the Solar Peace Sculpture will go

Of course, the SPS will continue to develop with his functionality and carry his message into the world. Therefore, it is designed removable and transportable - to be where young people want to engage with responsibility for new solutions and technologies – for a sustainable future ...

Location 2011, University of Saarbrücken:

University of the Saarland University Campus. In close proximity to the cafeteria and the supporting DFKI the Solar Peace Sculpture was raised in February 2011, in addition a student project for a multimedia installation (in the base of the sculpture) was brought to life by Prof. Dr. Antonio Krüger, Computer Science Dpt. Uni Saarbrücken.

Unfortunately, the SPS had to leave this location in order free the entrance to the contruction site of the Scheer Towers, which startet in july.

Solar Peace Sculpture by Fred George

To continue the students project, it was necessary to find a suitable location for the SPS on or near the campus. Just in time for the winter semester, the new spot was found, directly at the eastern entrance of the University of Saarbrücken.

Solar Peace Sculpture by Fred George

Ex officio the relocation of the SPS is still subject to approval, but we are confident that the work for the multimedia installation can be  very soon resumed.
On the interactive map you can see the exact location of the new spot (green strip beside parking bay, directly in front of the Korean Institute for Science and Technology) ...



Facing the daily increasing environmental damage in our world, it is necessary that people work stronger together to solve the problems associated with.

As a symbol the Solar Peace Sculpture (SPS) speaks a universal language. The in-process multi-media installation at the foot of the SPS is about to encourage interaction between people and technology, it is about to encourage to care about  environmental problems. This installation will be designed and implemented as part of the students project of the Department of computer science at the University of Saarbrücken.

The objective is an ongoing networked and interactive engagement on environmental issues, in direct communication between people on the sculpture, and in interaction with other people on other networks on the Internet via the SPS …

Solar Peace Sculpture by Fred GeorgeProposed locations
New York, USA:

Battery Park    
Madison Square Park

Proposed location
Shanghai, China:

Nanjing Lu, Shanghai


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