Some supporters of the Solar Peace Sculpture

Prof. Dr. Volker Linneweber, Rektor der Universität des Saarlandes

Prof. Dr. Linnenweber with Fred George on construction details"I first approached artist Fred George at the Saarbrücken Science fair in 2007. I was very impressed with the concept of his "Solar Peace Project."

I really envisioned it at that moment at the University attracting students to all of its underlying messages. The multi level dialogue that it will create is very exciting. The project perfectly fits to our engagement in making the global topic “sustainable development” a cross sectional theme and visible for all students. 
Students are encouraged to utilize the stimulation provided by the sculpture and develop own and/or interactive projects.

The new touring ability of the sculpture will open up discussion and moreover contribute in making Saarland University visible as an institution accepting responsibility in topics of global relevance. 
It is a start and it now, it has got to go."

Prof. Dr. Antonio Krüger, Deutsches Forschungsinstitut für Künstliche Intelligenz DFKI GmbH, Saarbrücken

Prof. Dr. Antonio Krüger (DFKI) and Fred George"We plan in line with a course for students to create interactive presentations for the base of the Solar Peace Sculpture. One idea could be that the active presence of the viewer around the sculpture or the active extracted energy of the solar panels will be integrated into the presentation. In line with the sculpture a digital supply is then related to subjects like energy consumption and scarcity of resources. The students get the unique opportunity to participate on an art project."

Prof. Dr. Günter Schmidt-Gönner, Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW, Saarbrücken

Prof. Dr. Ing. Schmidt-Gönner with Fred George„The idea of a giant peace sign from oil barrels covered with solar cells. Since the beginning I was convinced of connecting the vision of „More solar = less oil = more peace in the world“. I was fascinated by putting this idea forward to be realized, and together with some of our students we created, calculated and constructed different supporting structures and systems.
I am glad that this version has been realized, and I will continue to engage for the realization of the bigger version.“

Helen Patton Plusczyk, Patton Stiftung: Sustainable Trust, Saarbrücken

Helen Patton Plusczyk with Fred George"A peace sign today is still somehow as challenging as it has always been and a hot potato full of implications. Fred George's Solar Peace Sculpture retains the provocative aspects inherent in this icon. The oil barrels still "drum" up anger but the solar panels remind us that harnessing energy is a continual work in progress.
We are where we are. Overall this is an object of art that is extraordinarily beautiful to look at.  It is far less political than it is hopeful. With that in mind we really can't afford the luxury of fighting for much else." 

Isamil Elgizouli, Vice Chairman of IPCC, Germany UnfCCC Talks, Bonn, Germany

Isamil Elgizouli, Vice Chairman of IPCC with Fred George“The Solar Peace Sculpture does in fact embrace and symbolize the complete message of the UNFCCC.  I give Mr. Fred George and his associates my complete support.”  Fred George’s Solar Peace Sculpture symbolizes our fragile future, embracing the old energy of fossil fuels and the blending of the new direction of renewable energy.

Together they can work in unison toward a peaceful future. Not only with solar, but with wind and water we can meet the energy needs of the planet. We must take the correct steps in preserving our planet and collectively work towards this paramount goal. This structure completely embodies these thoughts.”

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